My name is Nathan Daniëls, I am a driven and passionate Game designers. While I attended NHTV IGAD I worked on a large variety of projects, working with several different engines and programs. I enjoy working in a team  and I have worked on several group projects over the course of my education. While working on these projects I filled the roles of Lead, Game, Level and Narrative designer.

While I attended the Design & Production course I was educated on concept development, game design, level design, game production, business management, interactive storytelling, quality assurance, gamification and learned about basic programming languages, C#, C++ and action script. I was also educated on computer graphics and worked with programs such as 3DS max and Maya.

During the final two years of my education, I focused on level and narrative design. Incorporating narrative design, level design and environmental storytelling in the project that I worked on over these two years.